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The Story of Nikis is the Story of Canada with Brenda Wastasecoot

Brenda Wastasecoot exposes the impacts of the Residential School policy by telling the stories from a memory map of her childhood home in the 1960’s.

  • 7pm - Film Presentation
  • 7:30pm - Presentation by Brenda Wastasecoot
  • 8pm - Question and Answer period

Brenda Wastasecoot is Cree from Churchill, Manitoba. She is a mother, grandmother, and great-great Aunt of the Wastasecoot and Brightnose family. Their roots begin from the York Factory fur trading post, flowing south along the Hudson Bay railway to Winnipeg. Currently, Dr. Wastasecoot teaches at the University of Toronto, where she resides in Toronto. She consults with the Arts & Science Faculty members to better reflect the historic truth and to open doors to reconciliation. Dr. Wastasecoot’s doctoral dissertation is title: “Showing and Telling the Story of Nikis: Arts Based Auto-ethnographic Journeying of a Cree Adult Educator.”